How To Prosper From Melaleuca’s Lucrative Compensation Plan

Melaleuca's Compensation Plan is designed to reward independent Marketing Executives who develop customers for Melaleuca products. The income you earn from your Melaleuca business is determined by three factors: the number of customers you have, the amount each customer purchases each month, and your effectiveness in building a marketing organization that includes other Marketing Executives who help you expand your customer base as they build their own marketing organizations.

The key to understanding the Melaleuca Compensation Plan is to remember that all commissions and bonuses earned are based on the sale of products to end consumers. "End consumers" are customers who purchase products to use in their homes. You do not earn commissions and bonuses for recruiting or signing up customers—but you will be paid commissions whenever those customers buy products. And that can mean monthly residual income for years to come.

Recently, Melaleuca added several powerful bonuses that more directly reward the all-important business building activities of referring new customers and working with your personals to advance their business. For the first time ever, some of these new bonuses will be paid weekly to those leaders who refer customers and build their business in a quality manner!

The information on this site explains the Compensation Plan, and is not representative of what any Marketing Executive will earn. Any representation or guarantee of specific earnings would be misleading. Success with any business takes hard work, diligence, perseverance, and leadership. Success with Melaleuca will depend on how effectively a Marketing Executive exercises those qualities.

Frank L. VanderSloot, CEO